Nutella milkstout, salted caramel, and a honey glazed doughscuit | Endgrain by Enoch Simpson

Let me tell y’all a little about these doughnuts right here. They are THE BEST. DOUGHNUTS. I HAVE. EVER. HAD. and that’s saying a lot, because if you have not yet gathered by the recent posts on this blog, I eat a lot of doughnuts. I guess I should refrain from saying doughnuts and say instead doughscuit. What is a doughscuit???? Well…we’ve all heard of cronuts I’m assuming and yeah, whatever, they were all the hype for a short while but a doughscuit is a million times better. It’s a doughnut and a biscuit put together with some delicious concoction spread in between. I had to add the chefs name because I could not help but crediting the mastermind behind such a marvelous creation.

In regards to the other two doughnuts shown here: I really enjoy salted caramel everything and the salted caramel flavor on this was perfect. Enoch Simpson treats his doughnuts as all chefs treat their food, as dishes to be experienced as well as palatably enjoyed. Upon first biting the doughnut I got a salty kick followed by the taste of the caramel. The Nutella milkstout was also fabulous. I’m not a huge fan of nutella and you might remember a chocolate glazed nutella long john I got from Firecakes a couple months back but this one will definitely take the cake in both taste and originality. I feel Nutella itself doesn’t have as bold a hazelnut flavor as it should and this treat brought it out immensely and really focused on it over everything.

These photos are from my most recent experience at Endgrain but my first one was a few weeks back in early January (those photos will be posted within the week, these were more readily available since they were taken on my phone). Both times I’ve went I’ve been taken aback by the originality of the flavor and texture combinations Simpson has come up with. This place is truly a gem.

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